Welcome to the 2020 Christmas Season!

Our goal at Christmas Mountain is to ensure the safety of our guests and employees to the best of our ability, while continuing to provide a quality experience that so many have come to love as a part of their Christmas Tradition.


We have been working diligently on a number of changes in response to COVID 19.The biggest change is that we will be allowing entry to the farm by ticket only. While it is certainly not in our hearts to limit people visiting the farm, or to charge a fee for entry, we do feel responsible to manage the flow of people and this is the best way we know how to do this. That being said, we have expanded our hours to 7 days a week, and included extra days with Santa and Mrs. Claus. 

What's the Same?

  • The Trees!!!

  • The Festive Atmosphere!

  • Santa and Mrs. Claus

  • Wagon Ride (limited capacity due to social distancing)

  • Fresh wreaths made on-site

  • Gift shop

  • Saws still provided (will be sanitized)

  • We bring your tree back from the fields

  • Free tree shaking

  • Free tree baling

  • Dogs still allowed on a leash and close to you at all times. Please clean up after your dog.

  • Twine provided for securing tree to your car. 

About Tying the Tree to your Car

Because tying trees to customer's cars has been identified as a potential point of close person-to-person contact, and because of possible staffing shortages, we want you to be prepared to get your tree home safely. 

  • Plan Ahead

  • A pick-up is always easiest!

  • If planning to tie to your car, choose a tree you can manage.

  • We do not recommend tying to the top of cars with glass roofs. 

  • We will provide you with twine for tying.

  • Watch this tutorial video on how to tie your tree safely to your car, consider practicing! 

What Is New?

  • Ticketed Entry (by vehicle) - NO TICKET NEEDED AFTER DECEMBER 13th.

  • Faster Check-out lanes

  • Santa and Mrs. Claus will be at the farm more often! The dates of their visits are November 27, 28, 29, December 3, 4, 5, 11, 12, and 13.

  • The Santa and Mrs. Claus experience will be a little different. You will still be able to talk with them and take your own photo with them, but will not be able to touch them as there will be a plexiglass shield for everyone's safety.

  • We are no longer able to offer self-serve, free drinks per state guidelines. Instead, we have partnered with Super Joe's Espresso who will be on site Fridays-Sundays, Nov 27-Dec 13 with their fun coffee truck! Drinks are available for purchase.

  • Expanded Hours - Open 7 Days a Week!

  • Wagon Capacity is limited due to social distancing. We are asking that families with children and folks who have mobility issues be given priority. There are lots of trees in closer fields this year, so if you are able, we ask that you walk.

  • We can no longer allow Dogs on the wagon.

  • We may not be able to provide as much assistance with tying your tree to your car as we have in the past, this is both due to social distancing for our employees, and limited staffing.

  • Guests will need to follow all safety guidelines and posted signs including social distancing and the use of masks in the high traffic areas. It is our understanding that while you are out in the fields, if you are more that 6ft away from others outside your family group, masks are optional.

  • We will be sanitizing all high contact points such as check in/out areas and the saws.

Tree Tying Video.jpg

COVID-19 Safety guidelines

for customers

Christmas Mountain is following the recommended safety guidance from both the Oregon Department of Agriculture and the Oregon Health Authority.

  • DO NOT visit our farm if you are sick or have symptoms of COVID-19 or if you have come in contact with someone with COVID-19

  • Strictly follow all on-farm guidelines including physical distancing and face coverings.

  • Stay with your family group and keep children and pets close to you at all times. 

  • No "tailgating" in the parking lot or "picnicking" on the farm.