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2018 Season Update

As many of you may remember, we closed early last year due to a tight supply of the most popular sizes of trees. We know that was disappointing for some families (it was disappointing for us too), so this year we are staying open the 3rd weekend, December 8-9, but the u-cut fields will be closed and we will have ONLY PRE-CUT TREES available. The pre-cut trees are from our farm, and we will still have our fresh made wreaths, other gift shop items, wagon rides, hot chocolate, and candy canes so you can still have the Christmas experience!

Many people have asked us why this is happening. Since the average growing time of a typical Christmas tree is 7-8 years, the factors affecting the supply today are from 7-8 years ago. There were not enough trees put into the ground back then, so quite simply, there are not enough now. We have been planting thousands of seedlings the last many years, and soon the tight supply will be in the past. For now, we need to manage our fields in a way that will keep our farm sustainable, which sadly means closing the u-cut fields after a certain number of trees have been cut. If you had your heart set on a u-cut tree, we hope you will visit another farm in the area, and continue to support family farms and real trees! We wish you all a very Merry Christmas!

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