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Choose your tree with Santa and Mrs. Claus!
2019 Season:
November 29 & 30
December 1, 7 & 8
9:00am to 3:00pm

Santa loves Christmas Mountain so much that he is making time to come and visit here just before his busy, busy time!! Santa will be at the farm, and may even help you choose the perfect tree! He'll be mingling with our visitors where you can feel free to take your own photos!

Nov 30 & Dec 1, 2019
Glencoe Boys Lacrosse

I you have a non-profit group that would like to earn $500 to $1000 in two days, and doesn't mind a little hard work, we may have the answer for you! If you are interested in providing parking lot help for donations, please send us an email!

The Glencoe Boys Lacrosse team will be assisting customers in the parking lot! The team will carry your tree and assist with tying to your car for a suggested tip of $3.


"We believe that interscholastic athletics is an integral part of our total educational program. Our coaches must assume major responsibility to develop leadership, foster cooperation, demonstrate outstanding sportsmanship and serve as a role model for students. We also believe that winning of championships should be a result of ethical coaching, talented athletes, and competition conducted with sportsmanship in mind. Glencoe was recognized by the Pacific Conference and the OSAA as the #1 school in sportsmanship for 2013."


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