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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don't have a ticket/reservation? Can I still come?

We ask that you do not come without a reservation on the first 3 weekends. We accept reservations to the capacity of our parking lot and will always honor those first. On weekdays, we are able to accommodate guests without a reservation, but it is very helpful for us if you make the reservation so we can plan for adequate staffing.

What if I need to change or cancel my reservation time?

Tickets go fast, so if you need to change your time, we recommend that you purchase your new ticket time and then email ( to request a refund on your previous ticket. We cannot easily make a change in your time because that particular time slot may be sold out. We will gladly refund your tickets if the request is made prior to your arrival time. 

Can I bring my dog to your farm?

Yes. You are welcome to bring your dog, but we ask that your furry friend is kept on a leash at all times and well controlled. Please make sure to clean up after them. Dogs are not allowed on the wagon.

How long will my tree stay fresh?

That varies on a number of factors. First, tree care is imperative, please visit this link for tree care tips. Additionally, the species of tree makes a difference. Noble Fir, Nordmann Fir and Turkish Fir have longer keepability than Douglas Fir or Grand Fir. We do not recommend getting a Douglas or Grand Fir during the first week of the season. With proper care, your tree should remain in good condition during the holiday season. 

Do you take credit/debit cards or mobile pay?

Yes we do! We are using Square for payment processing and they accept all major forms of payment.


Can I bring my own chainsaw?


No. We are sorry, but our liability insurance does not allow for customers to operate a chainsaw on our property. We will gladly assist you with cutting, if you do not wish to cut your own tree with a bow saw.

Do I need to bring a saw?

No. We have plenty of bow saws for your convenience. 

What is the elevation at the farm?

Our elevation is approximately 1500 feet, so sometimes we may have some snow when the valley floor does not. 

Do you have twine to tie the tree to the car?

Yes. We have plenty of twine, for securing your tree to your car, and you are welcome to it, free of charge. and although it is ultimately the driver's responsibility to secure your own tree, we are happy to assist with tying.

Will you help tie the tree onto my car?

While it is ultimately the driver's responsibility to secure your own tree, we are happy to assist you with tying. We do not accept responsibility for any potential damages to vehicle. 

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